Przemek Keppe

Przemek’s yogic journey started in the year 2003. After two years of practicing Iyengar style of Yoga he went to his first Ashtanga class and since then he devoted himself to this style of asanas practice. Throughout the years of his studies he got certified to teach Ashtanga Yoga by Manju Jois and BNS Iyengar. From Mr. Iyengar in India he has learned the practice of Pranayama and Mudras. In the feet of Himalayas he deepened his understanding and practice of Vipasana meditation technique. Among his many travels and years of continues learning he has studied continuously with such teachers as Sharmila Desai, Nancy Gilgoff and Rolf Naujokat. He often visits India where he works on his personal practice and development. Przemek epmhasize to live yoga of the mat and to never forget the other limbs of this practice.

“Practicing only asanas is like constantly washing vegetables without ever cooking them.”


If you want to see Przemek you can find him on Ashtanga Yoga DVD with Basia Lipska or maybe teaching somewhere nearby.