Monthly schedule for Ashtanga Yoga Okinawa. Moon days are considered as holidays.

Ashtanga yoga okinawa calendar



OIST – ocean view room.

For OIST members classes are donation* based. A silver box for donations will be placed by the door. Please put your donation inside.

External people:

one time class


monthly tuition**

10 000¥

Mano Yoga Studio

one time class


The Yoga Tree Okinawa

one time class



* Donation system is dedicated to the ones whose financial income is low or from any other reason cannot afford to pay the full tuition fee. In India a student would always pay to a teacher how much he can afford. Money should never be a reason to stop you from practicing Yoga.

Please respect this tradition. Don’t abuse it.


** Please put a monthly tuition in an envelope with your name and place it in the donation box.